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    The Green Smoke ecigarette provides unrivalled quality. Its two part design focuses on quality and satisfaction unlike any other electronic cigarette on the market. Get started today and smoke more freely with a Green Smoke e-cigarette.

  • Ecigs Are A Cost Effective Alternative To Smoking

    E-cigarettes provide a cost effective alternative way to smoke. Without sacrificing on satisfaction, the ecigarette is a convenient alternative that provides unbelievable savings to smokers.

  • Smoke Almost Anywhere

    With smoking bans all over the world smokers are faced with the difficult task of feeling comfortable wherever they go. Ecigarettes make it possible to smoke almost anywhere without the offensive smoke and none of the social stigmas.

  • No Tar, No Ash, No Fire...

    Electronic cigarettes mean less waste overall! Using the electric alternative to smoking eliminates the constant ash and cigarette related waste such as stubs and packaging. When you're finished smoking your ecigarette simply put it away.

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  The Green Smoke® ecigarette is the natural evolution of cigarettes. Since the early days of smoking there were always two things that smokers were looking for – great flavor and high smoke volume. Over the years, many manufacturers have focused on doing just that. It was only a matter of time before technology would take the reins and discover an even better solution…
  E-cigs provide an authentic smoking experience proving to be a smart alternative to smoking. Serious ecigarette users choose Green Smoke® for its advanced design which provides a cost effective way to smoke, without the ash, tar and cigarette smoke. While there are many brands on the market, Green Smoke® is the premium brand, with endless reviews to prove it.
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Try Green Smoke® FlavorMax™ – the new fresher, bolder, tastier cartomizers. Choose from a variety of nicotine levels and sensational flavors.

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Enjoy the Taste of Tobacco Using Green Smoke ® E-Cigarettes
Green Smoke® E-Cigarettes offer a valuable and economical alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Manufactured with an electronic cartridge containing liquid nicotine, you can enjoy the same look and feel of smoking without actually smoking a cigarette. By using an e-cig you can enjoy the smoking sensation without the smoke, smell and mess created by cigarettes. E-cigs provide a friendlier atmosphere for you and those around you.A Smoke-Free Environment
Green Smoke® E-Cigarettes are the perfect alternative to smoking cigarettes. They come in a variety of designs and are crafted to produce nicotine vapor without combustion. They are ash, tar and carbon monoxide free and produce no cigarette smell. Now you can enjoy smoking e-cigarettes every day while keeping your car, home and clothing smoke-free and smelling fresh. Smoking e-cigs instead of cigarettes also eliminates smoker’s breath and cigarette butts.Adjust Your Nicotine Levels
The Green Smoke® E-cigs are manufactured in a variety of nicotine levels, providing you with the opportunity to adjust your nicotine usage with every pack of e-cigarettes, based on your mood. Formulated in a rich variety of blends, you can enjoy numerous tobacco flavors. Green Smoke, Inc. also manufactures cartomizers in non-traditional flavors including menthol, mocha, chocolate and vanilla. Every deep puff allows you to create a high volume of “smoke” mimicking the traditional inhale and exhale smoking experience. The product is simple to use, and because it is not actually “lit”, you can easily keep it in your pocket in between puffs.Economically Priced
With the average price of traditional cigarettes well over five dollars a pack, Green Smoke® E-Cigarettes are an economical alternative for every cigarette smoker. Based on the package you select, the average pack of e-cig cartridges from Green Smoke® can cost less than two dollars per pack of e-cigarettes. An average smoker can save approximately $1,500 a year using Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes in place of regular cigarettes.Switching to Green Smoke® e-cigarettes is the ideal solution to eliminate many of the negatives associated with smoking regular cigarettes. Your environment will smell better and you will do away with the intake of tar and carbon monoxide while still enjoying the taste of a quality cigarette. Your new vaping indulgence will hit the spot and allow you to enjoy the sensation of a richly satisfying smoking experience.
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